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Having never bought an Amazon Prime beauty box, I thought I would give it a try.  It just so happens that they had  both the luxury and regular beauty boxes available.  Which one I chose was easy since I rarely use drugstore products.  You can see which boxes are presently available at this link.   Amazon Prime Beauty Boxes
Now, how this works is that a certain amount of time after your box is shipped, you get a credit equal to what you paid.  Usually limited to a group of items.  This time they had a massive list of luxury beauty items to choose from.  I just used my credit towards Avene Physiolift for eyes, since I have deep set eyes and this makes them brighter. 
I ordered this Dec 28, 2016 and it did not arrive until Jan 5.  Not very speedy like you would expect with Prime shopping.
Anyways, here is the pretty box it arrived in.  I  think a Velcro or snap box would have been nicer so I can reuse it.

And here is a picture of everything together.

The first item is Ahava hand cream 1.3 oz. And the sample was very decently sized.  I have used this before and it is just ok.  I would like to find a nice anti-aging hand cream.
The next item was a Julep nail polish (full size) in the shade Nedras IT girl.  To be honest I would never use such a shade.

Ok we are doing much better here.  1 oz of Phyto Specific deep repair cream for hair. This was a very luxe cream without parabens, sulfates, or phthalates.  Just loved it!
Next is Obliphica Seaberry hair serum 0.5 oz.  A very nice quality serum that is not too oily and does not weigh hair down.

Perfumes include what I have listed below.  Nothing really stood out to me and I was disappointed that 2 perfumes in a ladies box were for men.
Lacoste L.12.12 Pour Elle Sparkling Calvin Klein Euphoria Clean Cashmere Eternity for men John Varvatos for men
The Marvis toothpaste 0.5 oz sample intrigued me.  Reminded me of an old fashioned tube from decades ago.  Anyways, it was nothing special and I would not purchase this.
MD Solar Science 30 SPF Daily Anti-aging moisturizer 0.25 oz.  I am saving this to try once it gets sunnier out.  I am looking forward to trying this.  A very tiny sample though much like many were in this box.

Jane Iredale Smooth Affair Facial brightener and Primer 0.24 oz.  It does go on smooth, and does not dry out the skin upon drying.  It does brighten a wee bit.
Meaningful Beauty Cindy Crawford Skin renewing peel .33 oz.  Since I have many peels open, I did not try this.

La Roche-Posey Redermic Anti Aging Concentrate 0.17 oz  Many of these items, such as this, I didn't try, but I will tomorrow.  
Skin and Co Truffle Therapy Eye Concentrate 0.17 oz.  You know how tastes change?  Well, I used to love the smell of Truffle Therapy products and now I don't  Gave away an unopened $70 set of the wash and body lotion to my daughter.  And threw away 1/2 bottle of the serum.  Hey I always try to be honest.

Always have liked the Juice Beauty Stem Cellular CC cream in Natural Glow 0.17 oz.  But it doesn't fit into my beauty regime since I  have specific skin care that I like to use.  A warning, use it fast because it does go bad quickly after opening.
The remaining samples are paper and foil packages which don't deserve any special comment.  Except for yet another mens product in a ladies box, aka the shave cream.


Final impression?  I was not extremely impressed with much, but the hair products stood out.  At least I had the credit to use on something I liked from an Allure beauty box.  But it also got me to spend an additional $24.  
Popsugar Must Have had 3 mystery boxes on sale for cyber Monday.  I chose the The Fashion and Beauty Mystery Box for $29.95.  A $250+ value with the items chosen from past monthly boxes.  A remarkable deal I could not pass up.
8 items were in my box and I was surprised to get both the hat and umbrella.  Both the Smith and Cult items arrived with dented lids since the box was packed without any stuffing.  All items are full sized. Here is a picture of everything together.

Smith & Cult The Shining Lip Lacquer $22.00 in the shade, The Warming.  The container is very stylish and pretty.  But don't let the hot shade fool ya.  I can't wear reds, but this is fine. Neiman Marcus says it has a terrifyingly glossy finish, but I don't think it does.  It has a barely noticeable flavor that dissipates.  A very very mild and barely noticeable stickiness.  Not the perfect gloss, but pretty decent.

Lalicious Brown Sugar Vanilla Shower Oil & Bubble Bath $28.  This contains topical probiotics and is paraben, sulfate and phthalate free.  The scent is pleasant although it does seem artificial. I truly did want to love this, but I don't. My whole entire body was dried out.  Just tried this on one hand compared to my peppermint liquid hand soap on the other.  Huge difference!  My hand soap left my skin less dry than this!

The Original Mini MakeUp Eraser® Makeup Remover Cloth $12.  I was in need of a soft face cloth, so this is perfect!  Oh wait, just realized it is a mini version when I tried it.  I will use it but with cleanser.  Germ removal is necessary for healthy skin repair.

Stowaway Dusk To dawn Palette $25.  These are very nice rich shades and come with a nice double ended brush.  The black can be used as eye liner.  I love how thin and compact this is and I can throw it into my purse. Now I have never known eye shadow to have a scent, but I swear this smells almost smokey.   LOL..

Juara Turmeric Antioxidant Radiance Mask (2.5 oz.) $38.  This product is vegetarian, and free of parabens, sulfates, phthalates, mineral oil, gluten, harsh chemicals, and artificial colorants.  Just one small problem ingredient wise, why is Tumeric not listed  It does have a tumeric color to it.  This has a mild unpleasant scent which may actually just be a byproduct of the ingredients.  The scent is barely noticeable and tolerable. This mask is actually quite nice and I will look forward to using this.

Jack and Lucy Bicoastal Wide Brim Hat $58.  Such a pity hats do not look good on me.  Just love this hat to pieces.  Someone I know will be very happy!  So sharp!

Henri Bendel Folding Umbrella – Retail Listed Value $58.  Ok I have never owned a $58 umbrella.  $25 yeah, but never spent this much.  It is very pretty and made well.  I shall put this in my car for guests since I have a mini fold-able in my purse.

Smith and Cult Nail Polish (8 free) in the shade 1972 which is an opaque rose gold foil $18. Ok I am an OPI gal here and nothing else ever impresses me nail polish wise.  Well, I am totally in love with this.  It dries fast and the color is lovely.  Now OPI can look a bit flat, but this certainly doesn't.  I have a new favorite.

Thank you for taking the time to read my lengthy review.  Everything in this box was expensive and also quite luxurious.  I would definitely do this again!

Although I will be sharing pictures of the August and September 2016 boxes, I will be omitting the reviews.  Instead I wanted to alert you to an important issue since we have reviews for the Hatchery Tasting Box on this site. 
I have not received a box since September 2016, even though I had a 1 year subscription.  I should be getting 3 more boxes.  Being wrapped up in a project I delayed emailing them etc.  I wasn't horribly concerned since they have a FULLY FUNCTIONING website.
Now I realize this is even more worrisome since I put a message on the Facebook Page (not updated since Sept.).  And another customer responded that they went out of business and were still charging people and that you have to cancel your CC card!
Anyways, here are some pictures I took from the August and September boxes.  Not going to comment since this box is a done deal.
August 2016


September 2016


Sephora Play! is one of the most reasonable beauty boxes out there for a mere $10.  I keep going back and forth between this and Allure as to being my favorite.  This month it was hands down Allure. Sephora Play! is for those that enjoy beauty products that are a step above drug store.  
This months theme is " The Partygoers", and the black bag with a gold ribbon draw string as a great touch!  It appears there are variations again this month.  Visit the Play! By Sephora section of our forums if you wish to read past discussions and subscription details. 

Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray 0.5 oz.  The full size retails for $31.  Never used a makeup setting spray, but will try it on a day I am going out vs to work. 

Sephora Cream Lip Stain 0.04 oz in always red. Full size costs $14.  Being as I never wear red lipstick, I shall give this away.

Makeup For Ever Primer 0.16 oz - Full sized is $37.  This primer goes on very nicely and drys fast,  Would be nice if it was an illuminizing primer. 

Elizabeth James perfume sample in Nirvana which sells for $85.  This smokey and spicy scent is very nice.  Is there a hint of vanilla also?  Not certain.  It also does not bother my perfume sensitivities. 
Bobby Brown Smokey Eye Mascara 0.1 oz.  I don't wear mascara but I bet my daughter would like it.

Detox Dry Shampoo 0.8 oz and the full sized goes for $23 for 3.5 oz.  This will come in handy for my bangs, especially when I accidentally get moisturizer on them. 

Thank you for joining me for my Sephora Play! beauty box subscription review.  My overall impression with this box is that the grinch stole Christmas.  

December's  Allure Beauty Box theme is, "The Big Chill. Being a skincare addict I am head over hills for this box. Amazingly my favorite item in this box wasn't skin care. Plus everyone got a free surprise mystery gift for Xmas.  The Allure box costs $15 a month and is a recurring subscription until you cancel.
Stop by the Our Beauty Talk Allure  discussion area for spoilers and subscription details.  Or you can  Click here to subscribe to the Allure beauty box.   New subscribers can save $5.  

This first item was my favorite from the box.  Oh My Brow Highlighter for brows.  Full sized and worth $19!  I love the pretty pink and gold tube and the illuminator works great.  Easy application also since it is a crayon. 2 thumbs up!

Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré 0.17 oz - Sells for $28 for 75 ml  Will save this unopened for someone else since it contains paraffin and beeswax which I don't use.

Beautyblender Liquid Blendercleanser - Don't see a weight on the bottle, but it appears to be 1/2 to 3/4 of an ounce or so. Sells for $10 for 30 oz.  This will come in handy to cleanse a mini blender I got earlier.  I think it was from Allure.

Skinceuticals Blemish + Age Defense - No weight on this but it is a generous sample bottle.  Sells for $90 an ounce. I love Skinceuticals products, and have tried this before.  Spilled most of the bottle, but loved the first 2 uses before the mishap.  This contains salicylic acid, glycolic acid, and citric acid to help acne and aging.

Coastal Salt & Soul Heavenly Hand Cream in the scent Mediterranean Citrus. Full sized, 1 oz tube that sells for $10.  To me, the scent reminds me of a garden with a myriad of scents.  I love how the lotion goes on, but after it sets, my hands don't feel very moist.  I feel that 2 layers help.

Tula Advanced Neck Cream 0.5 oz. Sells for $80 for 1.7 oz.  A very generous sample indeed.  If feels very moisturizing and think I am going to love this! I can use a good neck cream. I once got a sample of something I liked, and forgot the name.  Oh gee, the ingredients sound so wonderful, I need to share this:

Ho ho ho, Merry Christmas Allure, and thank you for the awesome box!  I hope everyone here enjoyed this beauty box subscription review as much as I have.  Even better, I can throw the brow illuminator and hand cream into my purse now that my review is done.
Sephora Play! costs only $10 and I feel it is the best beauty box out there for the money.  It is for those that truly want to experience luxury beauty items!  Visit the Play! By Sephora section of our forums if you wish to read past discussions and subscription details.  This months theme is " Best In Glow".
It appears that I got a variation from the box shown on their site. My Glamglow is a different product and I got Caudalie instead of Estee Lauder.  And also got Replica perfume instead of the Stella McCartney. This time I am pleased with the substitutions,


CaudalieVinosource Moisturizing Sorbet .33 oz - Contains no parabens, Sulfates or Phthalates.  I do like this brand a lot.  It does seem to be a lighter product for younger skin.  But perhaps I could use this at bedtime?  I do prefer more active ingredients in a moisturizer at my age.
Laura MercierCaviar Stick Eye Colour in rosegold.  0.03 oz.  I have an eye sensitivity and don;t use eye shadow that much.  This does not seem to bother me.  So may decide to get a bunch of colors. 

Glamglow Gravity Mud Firming treatment 0.5 oz - Tried this the day it arrived.Pleasant change from their mud colored products.  This is a shiny pearl shade.  Has a very mild scent and leaves my skin feeling soft.
SEPHORA COLLECTION Ultra Shine Lip Gel 0.1 oz - This is a heavy mildly sticky lip gloss.  It does have a little bit of color to it.  I would suggest wearing this on top of a lipstick with heavy pigment.  Has a very mild barely noticeable flavor.  I probably would not buy this.

Maison Margiela Replica By The Fireplace Perfume - This was not what was advertised for this months box.  But lucky me, this ended up being one of my top 2 perfume finds in the last several years. A smoky musk scent.  Love love love!
Cover FX Illuminating primer 0.16 oz - Not using primers I was not that into trying this sample.  Well, lo and behold, I tried it and loved it!  Leaves skin silky soft and the illuminating part is not what you expect.  Instead it gives your skin a bright youthful appearance.
This November 2016 Sephora Play! subscription box review made me realize just how wonderful this beauty Box subscription is.  I hope you enjoyed my review as much as I did sampling everything!  
November's Allure Beauty Box theme is, "Party central.   This months box was much better than Octobers.  Wish they could put out a great box every month.  The Allure box costs $15 a month and is a recurring subscription until you cancel.
Stop by the Our Beauty Talk Allure  discussion area for spoilers and subscription details.  Or you can  Click here to subscribe to the Allure beauty box.   New subscribers can save $5.  

The first item is BLVGARE Omnia Crystalline 0.17 oz bottle.  These bottles are so pretty but I have spilled it due to difficulties opening them.  This is my second BVLGARI scent from Allure and I loved both!  Crystalline is a little more clean smelling than Coral and is a light floral.  

Next I have Red Flower Icelandic Moonflower body lotion 1 oz. - It has a very earthy floral scent that is appealing. And it also leaves my skin soft feeling and is missing the heavy oils that I have associated with this brand. Paraben and cruelty free.  There is a code on the bottle for a free bottle of body wash with lotion purchase.
Eyeco London liquid eyeliner 0.04 oz.   Even though I have eyes sensitivities I tried this. Love it!  My daughter will be very happy!

Seche full sized nail polish in Godess with a sample sized boittle of dry fast top coat.  Although an OPI gal, I am going to try this shade next along with the top coat.  Their generosity deserves this and I will report back.

Bonivant Botanical Mask pack in Aloe 1 mask - Looks like a typical Korean mask, I have a whole box full of those.   This one impresses ingredients wise.
Thank you for reading my review Allure subscription box review, and I hope you enjoyed it.  I liked everything in this box.  Awesome!
Sephora Play! is the only $10 beauty box for those that like to really spoil themselves with awesome quality beauty  Visit the Play! By Sephora section of our forums if you wish to read past discussions and subscription details.  This months theme is "The Cool Cut".
Apparently some people got a variation on this box, and I have box envy.  So sad when they send the older lady the items that appeal to the younger set.
This here is the contents of the whole box in one picture.


The first Item is a Christopher Robin Regenerating Hair Mask 1.7 oz A paraben and silicone free mask with a mild perfume scent.  Have to admit that I forgot to try this and I have quite the hair lineup to try. But I love the non greasy thick texture so I am anticipating great results.
Yves Saint Lauren Mon Paris Perfume - I like this better than I thought I would.   But it is a bit strong and is certain to aggravate perfume sensitivities.  Sort of reminds me of the Macy's perfume section.

Erborian Bamboo Crème Frappée Skin Reviving Fresh Gel 0.17 oz - This item is for younger ladies than myself.  It does absorb in almost to well and has silicone.  It is also lacking considerable age fighting ingredients.  Great for someone starting with their first moisturizer in their late 20's.   Parabens, sulfates, and phthalates free.
The Estee Edit Flash Photo Gloss 0.1 oz  in shade 01 white flash- Estee lauder breaking into the younger lady market.  The product is thick, sticky and dry.  I could probably get away with layering this on top of a lipstick.  Just tried it with a Bite lipstick sample that is too dark, and now it works.  So 2 products I can now use.  Yipee!

SmashboxAlways On Matte Liquid Lipstick (No clue what the shade is)  - Although the shade is not my preference, I did like this upon application.  Rich color although a slight gritty feel.  Well, given enough time, it entirely dried on my lips like paint.You HAVE to wear a gloss on top.
FarmacySkin Dew Hydrating Essence Mist & Setting Spray 0.68 oz - The mild scent is pleasing and I like how it feels on my skin.  But, it sprays too much and my makeup runs.  Needs to be a finer mist.
And this concludes my October 2016 Sephora Play! beauty box subscription review.  
I do hope you appreciate my honesty, and something I do not like you may find you like yourself.  Age makes a huge difference in preferences.
October's Allure Beauty Box theme is, "Seasons Best".   This months box was nice, but not overwhelmingly great. The Allure box costs $15 a month and is a recurring subscription until you cancel.
Stop by the Our Beauty Talk Allure  discussion area for spoilers and subscription details.  Or you can  Click here to subscribe to the Allure beauty box.   New subscribers can save $5.  

The first item was a Spongelle.  A body wash infused sponge in the scent Freesia Pear.   It cleanses and exfoliates.  The body wash on the sponge contains skin cancer causing sulfates.

Next we have The Doucee eye shadow sample in Shimmer.  It is smaller than it appears.  The shade is very nice and rich, but in that small plastic container it will get lost.  Unless you keep it in the box.

Mally Volumizing Mascara full sized in black - I can't use most mascaras, and I would hate to open this to expose to the air.  I will give this to my daughter.  
Tatcha Soothing Silk Hand Cream 0.34 oz - Ok, hand cream addict here so you know you will be getting a 100% review on this. It is a dark turquoise color, has a very light sweet scent, and has a sticky waxy feel on my hands upon application.  Thought I would be more impressed with this. 

Klorane Dry Shampoo 1 oz - This has been circulated over and over again in every beauty box imaginable.  My daughter loves dry shampoo, so I will give this to her.
Briogeo Don't Despair, Repair Deep Conditioning Hair Mask 1 oz -  It works more like a hair conditioner than a mask performance wise.  Also has been circulated via beauty boxes longer than I can remember,

And this concludes my Allure Beauty Box Subscription review.  Like I said, this one didn't introduce me to anything exciting this month.
Sephora Play! is a well curated beauty box that costs only $10 per month.  Visit the Play! By Sephora section of our forums if you wish to read past discussions or find subscription details.  This months theme is "The Unbasic Basics".

This here is a picture of all the items together.  A very generous box for the price.

First we have Tory Burch Jolie Fleur Verte Perfume.  It reminds me of Anais Anais which is a Lilly of the valley scent.  Not identical, but similar.  And I love Anais Anais so this one is a winner.  Now I do have some perfume sensitivities and am noticing a mild headache appearing.  Some scents work for me and others do not..
Next we have Anastasia Brow Gel.  Now I have many gel brows, but never seem to use them.  But many swear by this brand.

Living proof Perfect Hair Day Overnight Perfecter 1 oz - Now I have several of these so I must remember to give this a try tomorrow night. I will report back.
Kat Von D Tatoo LIner  .007 oz - Love this soo very much.  I have eye sensitivities, but this lines your eyes with such a thin line that I am doing fine so far.  Plus it doesn't make your eyes too dark looking,  

Dr Jart Water Drop Moisturizer - Now this was a very generous sample at 1 oz.  I love how it is unscented, I prefer citrus or nothing at all.  But, this is a moisturizer for a late 20's or early 30's lady as a first moisturizer when you need very little.  Too young for me.
Sephora Rouge Brilliance Rouge Shine Lipstick in Love Spell .0035 oz - I like the texture of the lipstick, although it is missing flavor which I prefer.  The shade looked perfect for me, but when I tried it, it was seriously lacking pigment.
I hoped you enjoyed my candid review of the Sephora Play Beauty Box subscription.  My final impression?  I would strongly recommend this box.  Yeah I didn't care for a few things, but I have found so many wonderful favorites!  That's the whole idea here.  
This is our September 2016 Allure Beauty box subscription review.  This box costs $15 a month which is more than most, so I have come to expect more from this.
For new subscribers, there is always a possibility that a particular months box will become sold out and you will instead get the next months box.  My advice is to subscribe now, so you don't miss another fabulous box.  Our Beauty Talk Allure Beauty Box Discussions Click here to subscribe to the Allure beauty box. 

This is my customary pic of everything in the box upon arrival.  

First we have Pur-Lisse Blue Lotus Cleansing Milk in a generous 1 oz tube.  Being behind in my reviews, I held off using this to keep my boxes organized until I got to them.  So I will try this tomorrow.
Next we have BVLGARI OMNIA Coral perfume - 0.17 oz  This is my first BVLGARI scent that I have received from Allure.  And to be honest I love it!  Omnia smells fruity and spicy to me.  The bottles look lovely, but they come with opening instructions.  Yeah it was rough.  Below I have a pic of the bottle.


Avene Phisiolift for eyes 0.06 oz - It is for wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness.  This looks larger than it is, it is an extremely tiny tube.  Being a hi-test face care gal, I normally wouldn't have tried this.  My forever problem  has been dark circles.  So did this work? Yes!  Now it didn't remove them entirely, but I would have to say they are improved by 65%.
Orly Nail Polish in shade Pick-Me-Up - Full size Being an OPI gal, practically nothing else would ever please me.  This coats too thin and takes too long to dry.

Grand Eyelash Primer with peptides - Ok this was awkward putting white stuff on my eyelashes.  Seemed a little clumpy at first, but when I fanned my lashes with my fingertip, they separated.  Goodness gracious my lashes are like a wholly mammoths.  Yeah that's good.
Supergoop UV Shine On lip Screen .05 oz - A very tiny sample.  But it does take very little and you apply it on top of your lipstick.
This concludes my Allure Beauty box subscription review.  It only had 1 item I wasn't impressed with, not too shabby.
Being as my website budget isn't very large, I was excited to get an email with a $15 discount for the summer 2016 FabFitFun subscription box.  I tell you what, they put together the best seasonal box out of them all.  Normally this box costs about $50, but if you are a first time subscriber, you can get $10 off with a coupon. Click here to buy Fab Fit Fun and save $10. 
The curation of this box is amazing, just look at all the wonderful goodies inside!  The contents are a bit ruffled because I had to rummage through it the second it arrived.

I have lots of pictures for you since I love this box so much.  First we have this bag.  OMG!  Love it!   And the handles are thick and soft with a fashionable rope like appearance.  

Can't wait to try the Betchsicles Popsicle making kit.  This high quality kit Certainly beats the ones from my youth.  (While attempting to get the Popsicle out, the cheap flimsy plastic would always break.)  The way these are made, it seems like the Popsicle would just squeeze out.
 Next we have the Summer Rose yoga towel.  I will leave this sealed and try it later since I have plenty of towels right now.
Just tried the Stemulation cleanser/scrub, and do like the light citrus scent.  It exfoliates well, but it could be a bit less drying.  If you have mature skin, I would not advise using this on your face.

The Everyday Beach waves I was going to give to my daughter since she always gets those types of products from me.  But I really love the body this provides, so I may hold this one back.

The Gypsetter Luminous Lips in Bohemian Grove appears differently by photo.  It is actually a copper metallic color and I will give it to someone.

The Osea, atmosphere protection cream is nice.  I feel there are many better face creams out there.  This is better than drug store brands though.  But there is a slight oily feel (very slight) that would make me hesitant to use this during the summer.  But I think this would be awesome on the backs of my hands during cooler weather.  I really like the feel of this on my hands.

Compeed Instant blister relief.  At my age I don't wear blister producing shoes.  LOL..  But perhaps my daughter would like these?  Pity I didn't have these to try years ago.

Well, it is nice that they threw in the Burts Bees BB Cream.  But I never seen to get around to using foils.  Maybe I will some day.

And lastly I have a $35 off card for  I always get cards for this, but never seem to use them.  Who knows, maybe I will this time.

Thank you for taking the time to view my FabFitFun subsumption box review.  I really do like this box a lot, and if you have the change to spare, I highly recommend this.

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    • CarlyGrace
      That sucks about the points, that definitely would be worth it. I guess I'll have to see how the first box turns out but I have a feeling I'll be cancelling  Ill have to look into Ipsy, I've heard of that one but I haven't actually looked into it yet.
    • CarlyGrace
      Its called Sephora Play, right? I've heard about it and honestly was going to subscribe to that one but I don't remember why I chose Birchbox over Sephora Play. Maybe Ill have to do that for March...hmm.   P.S ALRIGHT, Candes, I caved already and subscribed to Sephora Play. In my defense, I'm going through a pretty rough time and mid terms are next week so I think I deserve it  I can't afford both long term, though, so Ill make a decision once they arrive!
    • candes
        Well everyone used to be head over hills for the points program.  Once Birchbox dropped this enthusiasm dropped also.  Being into skincare, I like Birchbox, and would likely be subscribed right now if it wasn't for Sephora.   Ah yes, Sephora...  The grownups candy bag..  And it  is $2 less than Birchbox.  I am gonna review an older bag tonight.  Wanna know what was inside?     Oui hair mask 1/2 oz Caulalie face moisturizer 1/2 oz Tarte Frxxxtion stick (exfoliating mask) Boscia SPF 27 BB cream .35 oz Clinique almost honey lipstick Perfume foil  - Wild Child   Adore everything inside.  Always excellent quality items and no cheap crap.  I don't buy cheap crap so this box is perfecto for me!  I highly recommend this bag!   PS. looks like I changed the subject to Sephora.  Heh Heh, yes I did.
    • Megan27ist
      I did have a Birchbox sub in the past, but I ended it when they stopped offering points for reviewing products.  The points where what made the subscription for me.  Yeah, the items where on the small size, but with the points, you'd get $5 back in points to spend on whatever you wanted in the store.  I resubbed a few months ago, thinking I missed it, but turns out I don't, because I think the items are still sitting in the box they came in.  So I canceled again since it just wasn't worth it to me.   If you're more into makeup than skincare, Ipsy can be fun for a while.  Same kind of set up as BB, except BB sends more skincare, and Ipsy leans towards makeup, but both are $10.
    • CarlyGrace
      I've heard pretty good things about Birchbox in the past so last night I finally caved and decided to get a subscription. Now it seems like any research I've done on the company, most reviews are negative, mostly people being unhappy at how small the sample sizes are. So anyone who has or had subscribed to Birchbox, do you guys think its worth it? And if you aren't a fan, are there any other subscription boxes you have found around the same price that you do think are worth it?
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